General Terms

Prices and Quotations

  • All prices are net prices, and are subject to change without notice unless noted otherwise.
  • Quotes are guaranteed for only 30 days unless noted otherwise.
  • Quotes are subject to change for any reason including, but not limited to, change in product, finish, size, or square of glass.
  • Quoted prices include neither sales tax nor crating, unless noted otherwise.
  • Custom Glass Industries (CGI) is not liable for any quote errors and omissions.  It is the customer's responsibility to confirm accuracy of quote.
  • Quotes are based upon square pieces of glass unless noted otherwise on customer’s quote request.
  • Sizing charges will be applied to all shower and storefront door orders unless ALL hardware and glass products are purchased from CGI.
  • Orders exceeding $1,000.00 are subject to a 50% deposit.

Minimum Charges

  • All glass products are subject to 2.0 SF minimum.
  • Glass fabrication is subject to a 12 inch minimum charge, per fabricated edge.
  • A minimum invoice charge of $25 before tax applies to all orders, both will-call and delivered.


  • Credit terms must be established prior to acceptance of any order.
  • Orders will be delivered C.O.D. until credit is approved and an open account established.
  • Delivered C.O.D. orders must be pre-paid prior to the delivery date.
  • All invoices are due and payable 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Past due accounts are subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month of the unpaid balance.


  • CGI will make every effort to promptly ship orders to your shop or job-site, but cannot guarantee specific delivery times.
  • CGI is not liable for any loss or damage incurred due to delays in shipment, or transportation by others.
  • Job-site deliveries are curbside only.

Quality Standards

  • CGI fabricates their glass products in accordance with applicable ASTM (American Society from Testing and Materials) standards.  A copy is available upon request.
  • Special quality standards apply to bent tempered glass.  See ‘Bent Tempered Glass’ below for details.

Claims for Damaged Materials

  • Claims must be initiated by the end of the next working day, after delivery of the materials.
  • CGI is not liable for any loss or damages incurred due beyond the original invoice value of the product.
  • CGI will not accept “Back Charges”.
  • Glass has no warranty for breakage.


  • Material may not be returned without prior authorization.
  • A ‘Returned Material Authorization Number’ (RMA#) must be issued prior to the return of any materials.
  • Special ordered, special sized, or special finished material may not be returned.
  • All authorized returns are subject to a restocking fee not less than 50% of the original net purchase price.

Cancellation Charges

  • Orders cancelled prior to any work starting will be issued a ‘Cancellation Authorization Number’ (CA#).
  • Orders cancelled prior to any work starting will not be charged against your account.
  • Orders cancelled after any work is started will be charged to your account based upon the actual work performed.
  • Orders cancelled after order is completed will be charged the full amount of the invoice.


  • All patterns must be ‘EXACT FULL SIZE’ and constructed from paper of min. 50lb weight, cardboard, wood, or other non-shrinking materials.
  • No glass patterns are accepted.
  • We are not responsible for errors on full-size patterns with ‘add’ or ‘deduct’ notes.
  • We will accept detailed drawings in lieu of patterns.
  • Patterns will not be returned unless requested.  Customer MUST sign for all returned patterns.

Customers Glass

  • CGI is not responsible for damage or breakage while handling or fabricating customers’ glass.

Bent Tempered Glass

Bent Tempered Glass Payments

50% of the total cost of the order must be received and funds verified prior to any work starting on an order.  The verified balance due must be received prior to shipment.  There are no exceptions to this payment requirement.

Bent Tempered Glass Delivery

  • All prices are F.O.B. Custom Glass Industries.
  • You are responsible for ANY and ALL transportation arrangements and costs.
  • CGI will make every effort to promptly complete your order.  We cannot guarantee arrival time.
  • CGI is not liable for any loss or damage incurred due to delays in shipment or transportation.
  • An estimated completion date will be established ONLY after your deposit is received.

Bent Tempered Glass Quality Standards

Bending glass puts many additional stresses upon the glass which affects the amount and severity of surface imperfections.  Bent tempered glass is sold ‘as is’ and is not subject to returns for surface imperfections.  Contact the office to view samples of typical surface imperfections. All bent glass requires Flat Polish all so that during the bending process the glass will not crack from a seamed edge.


Shower Hardware Warranty – Manufacturers’ Warranty

  • Shower hardware is covered exclusively by manufacturers’ warranty.  A copy of their warranty is available upon request.
  • Diamond Seal warranty is three (3) years.
  • NO LABOR or DAMAGES, direct or indirect, are included or covered by this warranty.

Mirror Warranty – One Year

  • Mirror used within six (6) miles of the ocean is not guaranteed.
  • Mirror warranty coverage is limited to the original invoice amount of product.
  • NO LABOR or DAMAGES, direct or indirect, are included or covered by this warranty.
  • CGI is not liable for chemicals used on mirror that may damage backing during cleaning or otherwise, nor is CGI liable for damage occured during cleaning.