Tempered glass is often referred to as “safety glass.” And for good reason- it’s more resistant to breakage than normal float glass. If it is broken, it usually breaks into relatively small particles, which are less likely to cause injury.

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  • Approximately five times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness

  • Greater resistance to thermally-induced stress than heat-strengthened or annealed glass

  • Suitable for use as a safety glass

  • Tempered safety glass is also mandated in other parts of the world by individual country regulations or specifications

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  • Suitable where safety glazing is required

  • Fire knock-out panels

  • All glass entrances and storefronts

  • Extreme wind loads

  • Fireplace enclosures

  • Shower doors

  • Staircase and deck railings

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Maximum Size 96” X 168” (check for glass in stock, most stock sheets are 96″ x 144″)

Minimum Size 10” X 10” (14” diagonal)

Thickness Range 5/32” to 3/4”

Cutting table capacity 108” X 144”