One of the biggest challenges of bent glass is accurately measuring for fit. Thus, to ensure accurate dimensions and better service our customers, Custom Glass Industries offers on site measuring for all your bent tempered projects.

Our SmartMeasure Program takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of measuring for bent glass. By utilizing our evolving technology and knowledgeable Bent Team, we can help you deliver your customer a one-of-a-kind product, with peace of mind.


Here's how it works:

Knowledgeable Bent Team
By visiting your site and verifying the dimensions and bend required, we are ensured a much more accurate install. This approach ensures your customer is satisfied with the bent work.   

Evolving Technology
When you contact us for a bent order, our CAD/CAM designers will spec each piece of glass in our proprietary software to design and draw a “positive wood cutout”. The CNC milling department will create a precise template that will ensure the actual size and bend of the glass being ordered. This process has proven critical to our customers’ clients when working with such installations such as a bent glass shower base, bent custom stairwell, bent shower dam groove and or a bent custom metal railing frame.

One of a Kind Product
Your measurements are guaranteed correct when your bent glass is ordered through Custom Glass Industries.


  • Base cost is $350 for 7 pieces or less
  • Each piece after that will carry a charge of $50, up to 29 pieces

  • For 30 pieces or more, please contact CGI for pricing, based on availability